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Colin Sure Start, Belfast

Additional Needs Support Service

At Colin Sure Start, we recognize each child as an individual; with different strengths abilities and personalities. As such we aim to tailor our services to the needs of children, to give each child in our care or whom we work with a wide range of experiences and opportunities to further their development, regardless of their ability or where they are currently on their developmental journey.

We offer a range of supports for children at all levels and stages of development. We recognise that for some children, being in a larger group can be a challenge, or something that they just are not quite ready for at this time, so we have some tailored groups for children aged 2-3 that run alongside our Development Programme for 2-3 Year Old Programmes which are kept smaller in size with more support. These are our Little Rainbows groups that run from September to June and follow the academic year. But we also have a range of other supports for children with additional needs and their families. Our Play and Grow programme is a themed programme of 8 sessions that helps parents to understand their child and with practical sessions on activities and play that will support their development.

At Colin Sure Start we also have two dedicated Family Workers who support can support families and children with additional needs wither in the home or on a one-to-one basis in one of our venues. These sessions can be really helpful for families and children, providing practical resources and strategies to use at home. They often are also able to support parents whose child has been referred to the Child Development Clinic (CDC) or the Developmental Intervention Service (DIS) if a child may be on the Autistic spectrum. These staff can also provide support, advice and information on children’s development, behaviour and signpost parents to the right kind of support at the earliest point. 

At Colin Sure Start we believe that every child is a unique, amazing individual and we do our very best to tailor our supports to meet the needs of all children and their families in the Colin area.


Additional Needs Information Leaflet