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Colin Sure Start, Belfast


Aquababes and Aquatoddlers are 5-week swimming programmes for children and their parents. It is a great way to for your child to develop their physical muscles and coordination, as well as a great opportunity for bonding between parent and child. The programme aims to

  • improve the physical development such as gross motor skills and muscle control
  • develop social skills and increase your child's confidence
  • build your confidence as a parent about taking your young child swimming
  • foster a healthy lifestyle and increase opportunity for physical exercise
  • Develop the bond between parent and child
  • Learn about safe enjoyment of water activities with young children

Aquababes is suitable for children aged from around 2 months (generally once they have had their first injections) -12 months old. The programme is really tailored to this age group and their developmental age and stage.

For children 12 months – 3 years we offer AquaToddlers. This is slightly more advanced, less of an introduction to water activity and will look at further developing confidence and skills. We offer these programmes at different intervals throughout the year (except for December and January due to the colder weather. To book places on our programmes, you must first be registered with Colin Sure Start and live within our catchment area. If you are not sure if you are registered, or would like to find out how to register (its free - no cost) please contact 90601417.

Places are limited and booking is essential. Booking will take place right here on this page where the sessions will come up as we begin booking for each programme usually 2-3 weeks in advance. Once you have booked a place, one of our staff members will be in touch to explain how the programme works, check if you are eligible and what you will need to bring on the day. At the end of the programme, or for the evening sessions at the next available opportunity, there is an optional photoshoot. The dates for these will be shared with you. While our staff will be there on the day, Colin Sure Start don't deal with the photos - this is done directly thorough Aquababes NI - your swim tutor will explain everything about this during the programme. 

To allow as many families to avail of our Aquababes and AquaToddlers programmes families will only be allowed to attend one of each programme.

The next available sessions for booking and the date that they start are listed below. The programme runs for 5 sessions and will always be on the same time/same day: