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Colin Sure Start, Belfast

Weekly LIVE Rhythm, Rhyme and Story Time Show - its Back!

3rd Feb 2021

Well folks, while there is plenty of things to worry about at the moment, one thing returning should put a smile on the faces of your wee ones, and probably you grown ups too! Our weekly LIVE show is back, every Wednesday right over on our Facebook page, and its a barrel of giggles! If you are tuning in live, post the name of your child in the comments on the live stream, and we will pick them up during the show and call out your child's name and interact with them! It is jam-packed full of groovy and wavy tunes, both old and new that are sure to have you up on your feet dancing or doing action songs - there's plenty of silly rhymes and stories and often we do a live craft or game activity. You can check out previous shows on our Facebook page under the 'videos' section, and if you are planning to attend, we always upload the words to songs and rhymes for upcoming shows here on our website under the 'Parents Information' tab - so there's no excuse - grab the hair brush and join in! When your children see you having a good time, they will too!