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Colin Sure Start, Belfast

Helping your Baby to Communicate

14th Jul 2022

Modern life presents plenty of challenges for parents, as screens are everywhere and are now the way we as adults do much of our communicating. But its important to remember for that young babies who are learning to communicate and the foundations for speech, there is no replacement for screen-free interactions with those key individuals who are close to them. As parents and carers, we all need to be reminded to take time each day to put down the phones, turn off the screens and TV and spend time interacting, communicating and having fun with our babies. It is a vital part of how they learn to communicate! 

We have lots of programmes at Colin Sure Start that help support this early communication, and we also have dedicated Speech and Language Therapists attached to the project on hand for support and guidance. If you would like to find out more or have any concerns about your child's speech, language or communication, just give us a ring on 90601417.