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Engaging in Sure Start improves childrens educational outcomes - Study

10th Apr 2024
Evidence of the benefits of families engaging in Sure Start activities while their children are 0-4 years has become even more clear with the publication of a new research study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The study, which compared children who grew up within close proximity to a Sure Start centre in England and accessed Sure Start services, found that access to a Sure Start centre between the ages of 0 and 5 significantly improved the educational achievement of children, with benefits lasting at least until GCSEs (age 16). Children who lived within a short distance (2.5 kilometres) of a Sure Start centre for their first five years performed 0.8 grades better in their GCSEs. These are average impacts across all children living near a centre, regardless of whether those families used the centre.

This study only further underlines what we have known for a long time - getting involved as a parent with Sure Start groups, activities and supports has real benefits for your child's educational outcomes!

Link to BBC article on the study:

Link to the IFS study itself: