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Colin Sure Start, Belfast

Elkan Training

22nd Jan 2018

Colin Sure Start staff (8 Early Years and 3 Family Support) have completed 6 out of 10 sessions of ELKLAN Speech and Language Support for 0-3s training. They will have fully completed this training in March 2018.

Elklan is a nationally recognised training programme targeting speech, language and communication needs for young children. This course links research on early language development with best practice to give practitioners up to date theoretical knowledge and practical tools to promote communication.

The course consists of 10 modules to include:

  1. What is communication
  2. Adult child interaction & non-verbal communication
  3. Play for language
  4. Listening, attention and understanding spoken language
  5. The language journey
  6. The blank language scheme
  7. Encouraging the development of spoken language and clear speech
  8. Sharing books, using rhymes and exploring the link to early literacy
  9. Working with parents and carers to support communication development
  10. Linking it all together

 Staff have been working very hard on their portfolios also as they will gain an accreditation on completion of the training. They have been using their learning in their different groups in order to increase the opportunities for play and language development with all the young children they meet.

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