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Colin Sure Start, Belfast

Breakfast Clubs Starting in January - every Monday and Thursday

5th Jan 2023

Starting on Monday 9th of January, we will be operating a Breakfast Club in the mornings at two of our venues, one in Lagmore on a Monday and one in Poleglass on a Thursday. The Breakfast Clubs will be open for an hour between the times of 8.30 am - 9.30 am, and will offer a FREE breakfast to any family with children under 4 years old living in the Colin area. This will include porridge or cereal, toast, fresh fruit, yoghurt and other healthy breakfast items. There is also the opportunity to grab a 'take-away' breakfast bag if you dont want to stay - this will have various breakfast or break items and a sandwich which can also be used as a break or lunch for a child later in the day. No booking is required, provided that you are registered with Colin Sure Start, or are living in the Colin area with children under age 4. Just come along and our staff will welcome you at the venue between these times. If you are unsure about where these are or are not sure if you are registered, just give us a call on 90601417. Please remember that while our staff are there to provide the breakfast club, parents and carers remain responsible for their children at all times during the breakfast club - it is not a creche or supervised children's programme. If you have any questions regarding these Breakfast Clubs, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 90601417.