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Colin Sure Start, Belfast

Our Weekly LIVE show is moving to YouTube

19th Apr 2021

Wednesdays, 3.30 pm LIVE on Youtube   NEW TIME - NEW CHANNEL >>> This week we are going to the farm with Colleen at our new time of 3:30pm on YouTube. We will meet old McDonald and find out what animals are living on his farm, dance like a dingle dangle scarecrow and sing a few farm yard favourites! We might even see some baby calves! The show will be on our own Colin Sure Start Youtube channel. Below is a link to the stream, and you can watch from any device or smart TV that has access to Youtube. The show will still be fully interactive, so you should leave a comment with your child's name in the comments facility, you can even do this before the show starts! Remember that in order to comment on videos live on Youtube, you need to be signed in to your account. We cant wait to see you there. As always you will find the list of songs for this week on our website, just click the link below. There will be all sorts of new features and ways for you little ones to get involved - like sending in their pictures/artwork to be featured in the show each week, so come along on Wednesday and find out more!